It all started in March when Anca Foster sent me an e-mail inviting me to the Europe Startup Weekend Organizer Summit in Athens/Greece. Months have passed by and, while summer was approaching, the thought of spending some quality time with a bunch of cool people with whom I share a common interest (organizing/facilitating Startup Weekend events) was getting stronger and stronger. Don’t ask me how I got my girlfriend to let me loose, but let’s just say the miracle making Anca had an important role in this.

Villa Agnanti

So, as the story goes, eventually I got to Greece and met at the airport with 3 awesome guys I didn’t know until that weekend: Nick Stevens, Don Ritzen and Dwight Gunning. The rest of the gang got to the Agnanti Villa during that day and immediately everything went crazy: playing volley in the pool, getting to know each other better while tasting some local wines, having an awesome Greek dinner and ultimately playing the devilish “3 man” drinking game. For us, the game evolved into drinking and cheering for Frode (it was his birthday) every time we threw the dices. Oh, and because of a wonderful 6:6 rule all the girls had to drink whenever the dices combination said “Pass turn”. We only had 4 ladies at the table so we had to make sure they were having a good time, not feeling left out.

For all of you who want to experience the “3 man” drinking game you should attend the next Startup Weekend Vampire event; we’ll make sure you’ll get it from the first rounds :).

And, as if this was not enough we also got infected with the “Trololo” song:

Thank you for bringing the “3 man” game into our lives, Don! And thank you Vaidas for singing the shit out of this song … you made it stuck to my head and now I can’t get it off :(.

The next days were dedicated to actually doing something productive: yoga, learning how to cook Greek dishes and workshops in the pool :) (not necessarily in this order). We discussed about how we could make SW events better and came up with some amazing ideas to be considered and applied in the following months. I learnt so much from just listening to different guys talking about organizing SW events in their country and I was definitely impressed by the quality of people that shared their experiences with the rest of us.

These people are not only about organizing few events in different countries, but they are living and breathing entrepreneurial culture all the way and they are a continuous source of inspiration for the entire Startup Weekend community. Not only they have a great experience in running their own startups, companies, business-accelerators, co-working spaces or doing other similar activities that makes entrepreneurial life worth living, but they also have an enormous appetite for sharing their knowledge with others.

For this and for so much more, I would like to thank Anca, Déborah and Stavros for organizing this awesome Europe Startup Weekend Organizer Summit and everyone for making it unforgettable.