Spain, Barcelona, 2013. Said to be a wonderful city, never been there and honestly didn’t know what to expect other than practicing the Spanish I used to know from watching too much soap operas back in high school. In any case, never thought of Barcelona as the world’s capital of mobile, the place where, for a week, everything gravitated around devices, gadgets, operating systems, apps, opportunities and people of all nationalities united under one single but conclusive word: mobile.

And just like when you visit Paris, you have to see the Eiffel Tower, when you go to Berlin you have to see the Wall of Berlin or when you visit Copenhagen your mind immediately thinks of The Little Mermaid, Sagrada Familia has to be the place to visit when in Barcelona. For me that was kind of a treat since the place I’ve rented out from Airbnb had a view from the window directly into this magnificent cathedral. Imagine waking up each morning and seeing this:

Sagrada Fimilia from my window

So, all of the sudden Sagrada Familia and Mobile World Congress was a mix that stuck with me the entire week while I was in Barcelona and while I could go on and on about the two, I would just like to say a bit more about the rest of the things that I did there including pitching at Mobile Premier Awards in front of a jury from Mozilla and Intel.  This was an interesting experience and I have to say that being the first one to pitch out of 20 finalists gave me the opportunity to be more relaxed afterwards and enjoy the rest of the show.

The next day, I’ve pitched at Barca Starta, an event organized by Mobile Marketing Magazine and that was held in a really nice venue and on the third day it was time for me to be in the audience and see 7 startups pitching on stage at Telefonica Tower after going through the Wayra program. All in all the Wayra BCN Demo Day was a good show, although I personally was expecting more from some of the startups that got accelerated for 6 months.

The last day in Barcelona was all about visiting stuff: Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou and La Boqueria. But because I had so little time for visiting, I’ve just promised myself that I’m going to be back in the summer time cause something tells me I have a lot more things to see then :).