2015 is just around the corner and every year, during the Winter holiday, I make a short review of the passing year.  2014 was in fact a great year, with a big focus on Appticles – this was made possible right after we got the investment from Launchub.

Imagine that, no more outsourcing!

We went all in with Appticles and this really paid off: we’re now generating revenue and we have awesome opportunities laid out for 2015.  But don’t think this was an easy journey. It never is and in fact, more often then never, it only gets tougher when growth is involved.

2014 was unique from a personal perspective as well, in the sense that I became aware of my intense need to self-discovery. Jim Carrey had a speech earlier this year where he said: “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is!“. This stuck with me and made me think about all the people that I met in the last few years, that had an impact on me, either from a personal or professional point of view.

It’s a privilege to be on the receiver’s side, to get to meet inspiring people, learn from them and hopefully, one day, being able to give that back to others. Personally, I look at 2015 with excitement because I know that it represents the beginning of a new journey, sprinkled with uncertainties and things that are there but waiting to be unraveled. This is the stuff that gets me all hyped up!

A Big New Year Hug to all of you out there and a very special wish: may 2015 be the year of discovering the impact that YOU have on others!