It’s sounds so obvious, yet not a lot of people do it. Hell, even I had moments when I didn’t go to gym because I didn’t have the time (for 6 months!) and I regretted it afterwards. The truth is that I could have made some room, but I was too lazy or I wasn’t in the right mood for it.

One of the best decision I’ve ever made in the last few years was to start taking tennis lessons. I was 28 at that time and I had not touched a tennis racquet until that age. It was embarrassing, especially when I saw myself on the tennis court, for my first lesson, surrounded by all these kids giggling and making fun of me because I really looked like a giraffe in search for its balance.

You know how hard it is to take in, absorb, assimilate the techniques of this particular sport, especially at this age? It’s insane. You need guidance, patience, perseverance, passion. Never give up, even when it feel like it’s a lost battle. Every day on court is a step closer to being able to practice tennis at a decent level.

1 year later I started playing tennis matches. 2 years later I started going to tournaments and losing most of the matches. 3 years later I played my first final at an amateur tournament. This is my 4th year and I’m having such a great time playing tennis. I have an immense satisfaction when I’m on court. I don’t play to win, I play to enjoy myself. Winning is just a bonus.

I think entrepreneurship is very much like that, don’t you?